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Pizzeria Dimitri - Asso di Pizze

via Lamarmora 165, Dorgali

0784 94692

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Welcome to Asso di Pizze

Welcome to Asso di Pizze

The Dimitri - Asso di Pizze pizzeria born in the ground floor of an historic stonework home of Dorgali, built in 1885 from my great-grandfather Antonio Mureddu.
After more than 20 years spent in the pizzerias of Cala Gonone, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Florence, Pisa and Paris with great pizza masters, I decided to go home and work for my country. Our pizza is the result of a continuous research for quality ingredients and innovative techniques, with a specific attention to details.

Our characteristic product's lightness is given by a secret mix of the best flours and a very long leavening dough that guarantees a high digestibility. We use only italian extra virgin oliv oil, tomatoes and mozzarella and top quality products. The fresh pasta is put into the oven with holed peels to avoid the entrance of flour, that releases carcinogenic substances when burned at high temperatures. Our latest generation wood oven can hold up to 13-14 pizzas, reducing waiting times without affecting the product quality.

We also use biodegradable and compostable plates, glasses, placemats and cutlery to reduce the environmental impact. Our take-away kit is made of 3 layers of pure cellulose, as specified by the italian law. We've removed the service price: you'll can pay only what you consume, hoping that eating pizza does not become a luxury.
The staff wishes you a pleasant stay.


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Find us

Find us

Indicazioni stradali / Directions

Asso di Pizze

Via Lamarmora 165,
08022 Dorgali (NU)

+39 0784 94692




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    The Cala Gonone weather, mitigated by the seaproximity, is characterized by mild winters and warm dry summers.

    As a result, also because of the shape of the area, it lends itself to various activities related to the sport, the main attraction that captures thousands of tourists each year, followed by crafts and local cuisine.

    The characteristic wind of the area is the Mistral, which is manifested by irregular and variable winds gusts, conditioned by the gorges of the mountains in which is channeled and then reflected from the south-east.

    Weather in Cala Gonone

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