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Monk Seal in the Gulf of Orosei

foca monaca

Cala Gonone hosted a colony of monk seals until the 1980s. The mammals found in the caves on our coast a perfect shelter to wean their cubs. Antonio Furreddu, the priest of Baunei in 1960s, studied the behaviour of the seals. He also lived a few day inside the Grotta del Fico with the mammals to understand them better.

In those years the colony on the Gulf of Orosei was made by more than 40 specimens. Unfortunately, the rising of massive tourism and the local fishermen behaviour made the seal move to safer places: they are no longer present in the Gulf Of Orosei. However, monk seal are a migratory species: we are working on stronger regulation to create them a better habitat for the future.

Although there have been no regular presences in the last 20 years, the migratory character of these "fast swimmers" make it possible to see them, especially in the months of lower touristic presence. Keep your eyes open during your excursions in the Gulf of Orosei: it's difficult to see a seal, but is possible and easier to spot dolphins and other species that live in our beautiful sea.


The Cala Gonone weather, mitigated by the seaproximity, is characterized by mild winters and warm dry summers.

As a result, also because of the shape of the area, it lends itself to various activities related to the sport, the main attraction that captures thousands of tourists each year, followed by crafts and local cuisine.

The characteristic wind of the area is the Mistral, which is manifested by irregular and variable winds gusts, conditioned by the gorges of the mountains in which is channeled and then reflected from the south-east.

Weather in Cala Gonone

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