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Canyoning in Cala Gonone and surroundings

The first spring rains regenerate the Sardinian countryside and swell the many karst aquifers of central Sardinia. For canyoning lovers, an holiday in Cala Gonone offers many possibilities thanks to the presence of the streams that run through the narrow gorges between Supramonte and Ogliastra.
With this article we want to introduce some of these spectacular rivers, perfect for those who practice canyoning between March and May, and relax areas for those looking for natural pools in the warmer months.
Below the description of a limestone, a granitic and a basaltic canyon.



Frumeneddu starts near the Correboi Pass, in the Orgosolo area and crosses the Gorropu gorge for several kilometers, returning to the surface at the Su Gologone springs.

Its crossing is an unforgettable experience with a succession of emotions in one of the wildest and most uncontaminated places that nature in Sardinia has ever created. Although the route is long and demanding, there are not many difficulties from a technical point of view.
The excursion is therefore more than recommended for all those who have already undertaken water torrents, but it is also open to those who are at the first experience with the help of a guide.
The advice is to walk the gorge in two days, sleeping inside it or near the fold of "Sedda Ar Baccas". This is the time you need if you also want to travel the stretch of Codula Manna continuing to "Sa Giuntura", "Gorroppu" and finally reaching "Sa Barva" in the territory of Dorgali
. Organizing in this way will require two or three machines; the first will be left at Campos Bargios, where the approach to the gorge will begin, a second at Sedda Ar Baccas, if you want to camp here, and a third at the exit of the Gorropu Gorge, and precisely at the Sa Barva bridge , in Dorgali. We recommend the use of a guide service for the exploration of the canyon in order to facilitate you in moving between one end of the route and the other.

Rio Caddaris Canyoning Sardegna


One of the tributaries of the Pramaera river is; the Rio Mamutorco which crosses the territories of the municipality of Baunei and Triei . The river crosses a granite area with spectacular jumps, overhangs and waterfalls. You can reach it in an hour starting from Dorgali along the SS 125 and taking the detour to the right which, inside the last tunnels before arriving in Baunei, lead to the church of San Giovanni Eltili . The site, despite little known, is; well signposted and further enriches the naturalistic heritage of Ogliastra and Baunei in particular.



The Rio Caddaris gorge is carved on the edge of a basaltic flow near the "Istipporo" locality in Dorgali. It offers an easy route in a majestic and wild environment. The descent ends in beauty among the white limestone walls of the Flumineddu gorge, in a scenario of rare beauty.

To better organize your canyoning day in Sardinia , please contact the excursion companies by following this link

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