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Naturalistic areas in Cala Gonone and Dorgali

The natural dorgalese heritage is made of oases and natural reserves, green mountains and blue seascapes to explore following the old mule tracks through spectacular sceneries. The points of interest that we propose are enhanced by the presence of some peculiarities of the Sardinian pastoral tradition such as "sos cuiles".

Sos cuiles are the traditional sheep pens in our area that have been recently renovated and now provide an authentic experience for hikers who want to find a shelter or spend a "different" night in close contact with nature and tradition.

On the karst area of Supramonte you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in surreal contexts like deep gorges, springs and sinkholes that will fascinate you. Discover wild fragments of nature and tranquility: fall in love with our beautiful landscape!

Remember: don't understimate the trekking difficulty of the Supramonte, then contact the most experienced and competent guides, and do not venture without being informed on these routes.

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"S'Abba Arva" Spring

The territory of S'abba arva is one of the most interesting naturalistic places in the area of Cala Gonone and Dorgali. The bed of the torrential river Frumeneddu creates a series of natural pools set in the backdrop of Mount Oddeu. With waterfalls and pools of emerald water, Frumeneddu is the perfect place to refresh after a summer walk to the nearby Gorroppu or Tiscali village. S'abba arva is a very appreciated destination for the local during the warmest day of summer, when the karst springs water are still cool.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.223684713686936 LNG: 9.515833263397212

"Su Gologone" spring

The resurgence "Su Gologone" is located within the municipality of Oliena, a few kilometers from Dorgali. You can find a big car park nearby. This is an area of great natural and environmental interest that has been equipped with paths, a small library, toilets, bar, games for children, tables for picnics. In the spring and summer months you have to pay a cheap ticket to enter and take a guided tour of the place and the karst spring. In the park flows the river Cedrino that here is called "ribu de Oliana". There is a forest of beech trees and poplars and there are several other plant species such as junipers, oaks, olive trees and, wet mosses covering the limestone rocks.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.28288538297939 LNG: 9.553255443572993

"Gorropu" Canyon

Gorroppu is a deep canyon created by rio Flumineddu and rio Orbisi over the millennia. The Gorroppu gorge marks the natural border between the municipalities of Urzulei and Orgosolo.It is considered one of the deepest and largest canyons in Europe. It has an overall length of about 1.5 km, from the Cucutos peak (888 meters) it vertically subsides to about 500 meters; in some places it can reach the minimum width of 4.5 meters. These characteristics of size and shape make Gorropu a masterpiece of nature and at the same time a precious treasure chest of biodiversity. The gorge is reacheble following the scenic trail that starts at the bridge of Abba Arva, in the countryside of Oddoene in Dorgali, or from the Passo of Ghenna de Silana and at Km 183 of the SS 125 to Baunei.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.18591008717117 LNG: 9.502035980224605

"Caddaris" Canyon

The gorge of the Riu Caddaris is carved on the edge of a lava basalt near the resort "Istipporo". It provides you an easy path in a majestic and wild nature. The descent ends between the white limestone walls of the gorge Flumineddu, in a rare beauty scenario.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.28288538297939 LNG: 9.553255443572993

"Su Suercone" Sinkhole

Su Suercone, also known by the names of Su Sellone or Su Sercone in Sardinian, is a huge sinkhole covering a total area of about 18 hectares, located in the Supramonte of Orgosolo near the border with Dorgali.
Most likely originated from the collapse of a gigantic karst cave, it is located on the Donianicoro highland at an altitude of 900 meters. It has a characteristic funnel shape, a diameter of about 500 meters and an average deep of 200 meters, reaching at its lowest point 685 meters.
Despite the steep and inaccessible walls, the whole area is rich in prehistoric remains and flora; a path allows the access from the southern side. In 1994 Su Suercone has been recognized by the region of Sardinia as a natural monument.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.20849545293457 LNG: 9.47866857528686

"Ghirveri" Mountain

The Mount Ghirveri stands north of Cala Gonone and is part of the natural amphitheater surrounding the maritime village and separating it from the village of Dorgali. It can be reached from Dorgali by the high road through the woods Littu, or through the scenic route that goes from Cala Gonone. The top of the mountain (616 meters high) offers a panorama of incomparable beauty. In Mount Ghirveri you can find a cuile called "de Ziu Tattanu", recently renovated by volunteers from Dorgali.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.30710750489626 LNG: 9.639708404541011

"Bardia" mountain

The monte Bardia (881 m) is the massive limestone that connects Cala Gonone to Dorgali. There are three tunnels crossing the mountain to link the villages, built in different historical times. There are different roads that cross the Bardia mountain: through the ringroad of Dorgali that links to the old Roman road to the tunnel “Ezza” where you can enjoy beautiful views, or taking the SS 125 where you will find the other two tunnels. The oldest one has no lighting and can be crossed on foot or by bicycle. In the northern side of Mount Bardia you can visit the recently renovated sheepfold of Monte Ruju.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.292051531300345 LNG: 9.609839324951167

Arcu e Lupiru

Arcu e Lupiru

S'arcu e Lupiru is located on the path from Cala Luna to Cala Sisine. It's a tall, thin rock arch facing the northern side of Cala Luna. From S'arcu e Lupiru (350 m above sea level) you can admire the beautiful view of the northern part of the Gulf of Orosei. Nearby is "Cuile Mereu" built by Billia Mereu, considered one of the best manufacturers of folds in the area. Many "cuiles" built by Billia Mereu in the area between Dorgali, Urzulei and Baunei are still intact.

cuile mereu

Coordinate: LAT: 40.20813493289444 LNG: 9.618894462585445

Arcu e Suttaterra

Arcu e Suttaterra

S'arcu e Suttaterra is located in the territory of Dorgali. From this natural monument you can admire the valley Oddoene and the gorge of Gorroppu. You can reach it by proceeding on the SS125 from Dorgali to Urzulei. Nearby the stone arch you can also admire a megalithic wall.

Coordinate: LAT: 40.21573822200863 LNG: 9.55432832717895

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