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What to do in Cala Gonone and Dorgali

The territory between the sea and the mountains of Dorgali and Cala Gonone offers many chance to live an active holiday.

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Hiking in the supramonte area is not for everyone. The mountain can not be underestimated: the beauty of these places goes hand in hand with the difficult to define paths in the harshness of the karst plateaus. Is not always easy to find the way as some mule tracks are almost inaccessible and abandoned by shepherds and charcoal burners who used to live in these areas. However we recommend everyone to contact the professional guides that can help you to explore our territory in safety, making you appreciate even more the unique beauty that you would hardly be able to grasp alone.

Same thing can be said about sea tours: even if the Gulf of Orosei is well protected from currents, our advice is to use a service charter or sea transport for your first tour, then hire a boat yourself with more awareness of what you are going to see. Horseback tours to the beaches and mountains are provided by qualified experts. In recent years it has become possible to enjoy activities of free flight with qualified instructors to enjoy the sight of our mountains overlooking the sea.

Many companies offer logistical suppor for climbers equipment rental service and transfer of food and water for several days trips.
From the imperious peaks to the underwater depths: you can dive in breathtaking backdrops, caves or in the attractive wrecks of World War II in the area, as the KT12 or the Nasello at Cala Luna guided by the local scuba diving experts. Read the article “four things to do in Cala Gonone and Dorgali” to get a better idea of what you shouldn't miss during your holiday in Cala Gonone and Dorgali.

Active holiday in Cala Gonone e Dorgali

In the following sections you will discover the activities and operators dedicated to your "active holiday", and you will have the ability to contact, either individually or with a multiple mail (by clicking on the banner at the top within the individual categories), tourist operators for each type of activity.

The Cala Gonone weather, mitigated by the seaproximity, is characterized by mild winters and warm dry summers.

As a result, also because of the shape of the area, it lends itself to various activities related to the sport, the main attraction that captures thousands of tourists each year, followed by crafts and local cuisine.

The characteristic wind of the area is the Mistral, which is manifested by irregular and variable winds gusts, conditioned by the gorges of the mountains in which is channeled and then reflected from the south-east.

Weather in Cala Gonone

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