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Delicacies to taste in cala gonone and dorgali

Mountains, flats and coastline: Sardinia has a unique geographical structure that holds a very diversify gastronomical tradition. In Cala Gonone and Dorgali you can experiment a culinary experience made on the food farming tradition. However our restaurants can offer you the best of the sea, with fresh fish catched in the Gulf of Orosei. We will show you some of our excellences, delicacies you can't miss when you visit our land!

Pane Frattau Dorgali


Pane Frattau

On of the most appreciated traditional dish, very simple but tasty. Pane carasau is dunked in hot water for a few seconds then is spreaded with tomato sauce and dusted with pecorino cheese. The sequence is repeated to create a multilayer dish, like the “lasagna”. The tradition say the last layer must be a poached egg.

Macarrones Furriaos

"Sos macarrones furriaos" is another dish coming from the local pastoral tradition. The kind of pasta used to prepare it is "sos macarrones de punzu", whole wheat handmade pasta, shaped like a fist. "Sos macarrones" are cooked in boiling water and seasoned with fresh goat cheese, which melts on the pasta. Eat them very hot!

Porcheddu Roast



The roast piglet is the most famous sardinian food, a must for every visitor! The real roasted piglet made in the traditional way is cooked on a spit put over the embers for a long time. In Dorgali you can find many typical restaurants and agritourisms that can give you the unique sardinian flavour of the porcetto arrosto.


"Sas casadinas" are small salted cake made by whole wheat flour, water and salt, filled with fresh cheese and mint. They are a perfect appetizer or a light main dish.

Sa Entredda

"Sa Entredda" is made by a sheep stomach filled with pecorino cheese, pane carasau, sheep's blood, lard and a particular spice, “su puleu”, which grows in the humid areas of Sardinia.




"Sa seada" is a big raviolo made by whole wheat flour pasta and filled with melted goat cheese. Fried in boiling oil, is served hot dusted with honey or sugar.


"S'Aranzada" is a typical sweet of Dorgali made with honey, orange peel and almonds. After a long manifacturing the mixture is stretched out on a phyllo dough and cut in rhombus. The sweets are then set over fresh orange leaves, ready to be savoured.


SPECIALTIES (dedicated to the bravest)

Su Cazu

"Su Cazu" is a young not weaned goat stomach emptied and filtred. It ages for some months in a fresh and dry place, then is ready to be eaten with pane carasau or as a pasta dressing.

Casu muchidu

"Su casu muchidu" is an old sheep cheese hosting a colony of small worms that eat and digest the food giving it a very spicy taste. Recommended only to strong stomaches!

Taste our specialties in the Restaurants or Farmhouses of Cala Gonone and Dorgali.

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