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Fligree Dorgali - Goldsmiths Sandro Pira

Welcome to Oropira

Welcome to Oropira

The family tradition of Sandro Pira sees his grandfather as student of the great sculptor Francesco Ciusa and the father ceramist and dealer in leather goods; Sandro opened, 20 years ago, a jewelery workshop in Dorgali and specializes himself in the technique of filigree honeycomb; he creates jewelry, it puts corals and precious stones, signature necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that can be found in the best jewelers of Sardinia.

By combining traditional techniques of the time to the process of investment casting, he reinterprets the filgree and develops innovative solutions for his collections.

In 2001 he joined the group of goldsmiths who, with the support of the Consortium 21 of Cagliari, give life to the "New Sardinian Goldsmiths Project" with the intent to renew by the deep Sardinian filigree, both in production techniques and design.

Over its 20 years in business Sandro Pira has participated in many exhibitions, including various editions of the "Craft Fair of Mogoro" and "Fair Market of Sardinia ", and in 2009 he took part in the economic mission " Sardinia - Japan " as a exponent of Sardinian goldsmiths, presenting his works in Tokyo.

You can find his best collections in the Dorgali store, in the "Island" stand in Cagliari and Porto Cervo and in the best shops of Sardinia.



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