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Excursions Trekking Cala Gonone - Coop. Ghivine

Escursioni trekking Coop Ghivine

About us

The Ghivìne Cooperative was created in 1991 by a group of friends in the Environmental Research Group of Dorgali.
Our love and passion for our land are the key elements that inspire us to promote its cultural and environmental heritage.

Our main aims are to maintain important archaeological areas and to provide outdoor excursions.

For more than 20 years, our team spirit and love for our work has helped thousands of visitors from across the world to unveil many secrets for themselves in this extraordinary region.
You can visit archaeological sites managed by us with our specialist guides throughout the year.

Our experienced trekking and hiking guides can take you on many types of delightful excursions in the mountainous Supramonte and along the coast of the Gulf of Orosei.

The Ghivìne Cooperative has a full range of vehicles and equipment for all kinds of excursions, such as four-wheel drive vehicles for difficult terrain or mini-bus for carrying groups, and rubber dinghies for journeys by sea.

The excursions

The excursions

Gorropu Gorge

Gorropu is an enormous gorge resulting from an ancient tectonic displacement that has been eroded by the river Flumineddu and rain and wind. It has cliff faces higher than 400 metres (1,300 feet). This excursion starts from Dorgali and goes first through the Oddoene valley. After crossing the bridge called Sa barva the route runs along the Flumineddu to the entrance of the gorge. Rich vegetation lines the sides of the road. Inside the gorge the excursion follows the bed of the river that now flows underground and surfaces every now and then, as for example at the spring at the entrance to the gorge.

Returning from the walk, you will be given a light packed lunch of local products.
The path is difficult only in the final part of the gorge, and the most interesting part is at the entrance because if allows you to see the highest gorge faces in Europe.

The cost of the excursion covers the ticket to the site, lunch, and transport by four-wheel drive vehicle.


In the heart of the Supramonte of Dorgali, visitors can take time out in an ancient cave that long ago fell in to create a dolina or natural depression in the summit of Tiscali mountain. Inside this dolina, probably during the final Nuragic Period, a village was built and today you can see the remains alongside the rock walls of the site. The village is completely hidden from view until you get inside.
The microclimate, the atmosphere in the cave and the colour of the limestone make this place unique and unforgettable.
Starting from Dorgali, the site is approached first by four-wheel drive and then on foot. The road winds through the Lanaittu valley to the base of the mountain. From there you walk up a very interesting path with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the valley. After a walk of about 1h 30min you reach the hidden village.
On the return trip you visit the original entrance of the cave Sa Oche and finally stop at the spring called Su Gologone, the most famous in Barbagia.

The cost of the excursion covers the ticket to the site, a light packed lunch of local products, and transport by four-wheel drive.

Cala Luna

An alternative way to visit the beach of Cala Luna is to start from the locality called Buchi Arta, which is reached by four-wheel drive along a scenic route. Here you can admire the beautifully made huts of goatherders, still used today and surrounded by a rugged and unspoiled landscape.
From this point the beach can be reached by foot from Scala s’arga, a path made by charcoal burners a long time ago. You walk along a rocky valley called Codula di Ilune with continuous views of luxuriant vegetation.
At the beach you will be given a snack of typical local products. You can decide how long to stay on the beach and the journey homeward will be in a rubber dinghy at a time fixed by you.

The cost of the excursion covers the site ticket, the snack of local products, and transport by four-wheel drive vehicle and rubber dinghy.

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