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Trekking excursions Green Best

Escursioni a terra Green Best

About us

Blu Best asd and Blue&Green Best were set up by Paolo Insolera and Maria Lucia Cossu in order to offer tourists and locals alike the opportunity to experience, in a unique way, the uncontaminated nature and most authentic Sardinian culture that the area has to offer.



Our mountain bike itineraries are studied to combine a pleasant sport activity to the several values of our land, from archeology, to landscape and nature. The itineraries, diversified and organized for all levels, offer the possibility to have a great time reaching the most uncontaminated spots.

They can be customized for both expert bikers and families with kids. We can also organize the excursions with several stopovers and a possible return by car.

We provide the mountain bikes and all the related equipment both for maintenance and safety. It is also possible to rent mountain bikes and get from us all the information necessary to organize an autonomous excursion.



Each walking itinerary, even the most simple and short, embodies an unforgettable experience. Every woodland, mountain, backcountry environment you will visit in Sardinia will turn into a magic encounter with a wildlife nature. Several hiking excursions can involve commuting with off-road cars to reach the starting point.

It is also possible, upon request, to put together a packed meal or even organize a lunch hosted by the shepherds in their historical sheep pens in the mountains.

STRADE DI STORIA - Archeological itinerary

STRADE DI STORIA - Archeological itinerary

Thanks to the profound knowledge of our guides and the support of professional archeologists, we have traced many itineraries reaching many spots of archeological interest.

There are both walking tours and bike paths, and in some cases we will use off- roads cars. Our tours will make you experience and understand the history and origins of Sardinia, from the Domus de Janas (prehistoric caves) to the nuragic villages (prehistoric towers), all perfectly preserved, and the renowned site of Tiscali.

STORIE DI STELLE - Camping activities

STORIE DI STELLE - Camping activities

We decided to articulate camping activities in a wide range of options suitable for both experts, kids and teenagers that are wishing to spend the night sleeping under the stars... especially in the night of San Lorenzo, with the maximum concentration of falling stars of the whole year!

The camping nights can be combined with several trekking activities and excursions with the mountain bikes, organizing all the pathways in order to get to visit as many spots as possible without getting back to the hotel.

TERRE DI STORIA - Local wine and food culture tour

TERRE DI STORIA - Local wine and food culture tour

We selected for you a series of excursions that will make you fully discover the traditions of Sardinia. We thought of the “ day with the shepherd” : you will be introduced to a Sardinian shepherd, spending all day with him and participating in all his activities including the production of cheese.

The “local wine and food culture tour” will take you to visit a selection of private wine cellars of the valley of Oddoene- famous for its Cannonau vineyards- and show you the best production of cheese and cured meats, accompanied by a gourmet guide.


Sardinia is an extraordinary area for the birds reproduction as it is one the main stopover for all migrating species and an ideal habitat for all the other rare sedentary species.

The territory of Dorgali and Cala Gonone will offer you the chance to watch and photograph rare species as the bird watching excursions can take place directly on the land, reaching the watching spots by car, or otherwise by boat, looking for predatory birds on the cliffs overlooking the Capo di Monte Santu sea.



Sardinia is one of the richest territories for biodiversity. Green Best takes you to discover stunning woodlands full of mushrooms during fall, winter and spring.

In winter and spring it is also possible to organize exciting hunts in private reserves where you will also enjoy delicious feasts as in the best Sardinian culinary tradition. For hunters that come accompanied, we can offer many alternative activities for the rest of the family during hunt days.



The starting point for this activity and many others we offer is the Hotel ISPINIGOLI, in which lands peacefully pasture several horses, pony and little sardinian donkeys, all very docile and suitable for riding and for walking tours with children.



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