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August the 8th and 9th, Folklore International Festival

Past edition of "festival del Folklore Dorgali"


The Folklore international Festival has been an important event in the summer of Cala Gonone and Dorgali for the last 8 years.

It consists in two days of performance with international groups coming from South Africa, Colombia, Ucraina and local Sardinian groups.

In the same days Dorgali will host the regional festival of the typical sardinian knives “Sa Resorza”, organized by “Tiscali-Dorgali”, a group involved in the safeguard of the popular traditions . The festival is a tribute to the memory of Gianfranco Spanu, a young knives artisan who died three years ago.
There will be a wide exhibition of the knives masters coming from the whole island.

Click on dates and find the appointments of the two days:

8 august - Knife festival

11:00 - Welcoming the exhibitors of "Sa Resorza"

11:30 - Inauguration and opening of the exhibition

23:00 - Closing of the exhibition

- Knives forge competitions
- SAS Trumbas/ scacciapensieri, jew's harp made by Fratelli Piredda

8 agoust The Folkloristic Festival

22:00 - ethnic music and dancing in the central square with:
- Tore Delussu (Squeeze box), Tore Matzau (guitar)
- Giovanni Magrini (voice), Orlando Maxia (Launeddas),
- Bruna Camedda (concertina), Eliseo Maxia (percussions)

24:00 - Ruido rock concert.

9 agoust - Knife festival

10 am to 7 pm: exhibition, performances and activities

9 agoust -The Folkloristic International Festival

19:30 - street parade of the Folkloristic groups from “Casa Comunale” to “Castula” (nearby elementary school in via Lamarmora)

22:00 -Folkloristic exhibition of::
- Ukraine, South Africa and Colombia groups
- Florinas - folk group "Figulinas"
- Ghilarza - folk group "Onnigazza"
- Dorgali - folk group "Tiscali Dorgali
- Fonni - folk group" On Connottu "

The Cala Gonone weather, mitigated by the seaproximity, is characterized by mild winters and warm dry summers.

As a result, also because of the shape of the area, it lends itself to various activities related to the sport, the main attraction that captures thousands of tourists each year, followed by crafts and local cuisine.

The characteristic wind of the area is the Mistral, which is manifested by irregular and variable winds gusts, conditioned by the gorges of the mountains in which is channeled and then reflected from the south-east.

Weather in Cala Gonone

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